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VRP - Video Resume Portal - Developed for an animation training company in India.

The portal encompassed activity of Representing Candidates Profile, short listing candidates, Scheduling Interviews and follow ups, and alumni management. The Portal was built with four kinds of users in mind - Administrator, HR Representatives, Students / Candidates, Companies / Clients.

Administrator can add different types of users to the system, assign username and password to the students, companies and HR reps, edit and manage user profiles, maintain alumni records.

HR Representative can search, sort, filter and short list candidates, share lists and mail lists with companies and other HR representatives, schedule interviews, update student profile, mail and message students about interview, maintain archive.

Students will be able to fill in their resume in the prescribed format, upload their work (Images, Videos, Links), upload self-introduction video; maintain archive of uploaded works, message box to view correspondence and interview status, interview scheduler.

Companies can short list candidates and view profiles. Filtered results can be saved. Mail interview invite to HR Representatives with the shortlisted candidates.