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In the days of evolving technologies we, at CongniMinds strive hard to become a number one global software company, a Leader, by building long lasting, crystal clear business relationships and providing superior services to our clients through state-of-art technologies, innovation, leadership and partnership. We are passionate in helping our customers through innovative technologies to reach and maximize their business goals.

Our People

Our people are our most valuable assets. Cogniminds strongly believes that it is our love, dedication and passion for what we do that enables us to become a better company for ourselves, our clients and to the world. They operate at a high degree of integrity and honesty by pushing themselves and each other for the well being of the organization.



User experience (UX) highlights the aspects that are meaningful and valuable from the standpoint of human-computer interaction. Our User Experience practice encompasses the breadth of UX disciplines, from upfront user research... See More...

DoMS Version 1.2 Released -
With the successful implementation at various major manufacturing houses of version1.0 new features have been added to the product that binds the warehouse and fleet management into the system

The Kitchen Logic V1.0 Released -
TKL is designed and developed to streamline the process of ordering from the menu to the serving the dishes to the table. The system leverages on the cross platform app, to facilitate the customers to make quick and informed choice of their food. Their selections are put up in que of the kitchen to be prepared.


Our Values

We are a strategic partner

Whether they're established players or fast-moving upstarts in their fields, our clients seek us out for the leading-edge innovation they need to inspire customer loyalty, boost revenues, and maximize business efficiencies. We form deep relationships based on mutual respect and a passion for excellence.
We're obsessed with exceeding our clients' expectations from Day 1 so they see us as must-have partners for the long term. We make in-person interactions a priority, and we strive to delight our clients at every step, from investigation to concepts, iteration to final deployment, strategic planning to follow-up.

While we bring best practices to every engagement, we aren't prima donnas. We're pragmatic about playing by our clients' rules and getting the job done according to their specifications.

We live and breathe technology and design

Passion for the great experience that comes from the perfect combination of technology and design is in our DNA. We insist on great design and innovative execution in both our tools for work and our toys for play. (And really, is there a difference?)
We thrive on the constant change of Right Now. We're always testing, exploring, and tweaking the newest stuff, asking the what-ifs and the why-nots. We know that the best technology and user experience can help us discover breakthrough ways to help our clients get ahead.

We also know that today's hottest technology can quickly become tomorrow's Betamax. And while we like to push technical boundaries to take our clients to the next level, we also work to ensure that the solutions we deploy create real business value.

We are a team of true craftsmen

We hire the best, learn from the best, and do the best work. We love being surrounded by crazy-smart people at the top of their craft-true masters who constantly raise the bar for each other.
We love to share our expertise with the technology community. Our thought leaders speak at the conferences and write the books and blogs that help shape the future of digital experiences.

Despite our knowledge of technology and design, we aren't know-it-alls. We're team players and articulate communicators who connect beautifully with business people. We may be bold and outspoken, but arrogance is not our thing.

We thrive on responsible freedom

Eccentricities? No problem. Office politics? No thanks. We've created an environment in which each of us is evaluated based on the quality of our contributions-the code we write, the designs we create, and the client relationships we build-and not how we dress or the number of meetings we attend.
Our workforce was virtual before virtual was cool. Whether we work in our company office, on our dining room tables, or at a hip coworking loft, we believe in individuality and autonomy-not set hours or corporate face time. But we understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility to our clients and our company. We operate with few layers of management and administration because our people are common-sense self-starters who don't need their hands held.

Integrity means everything. Our staff may have diverse workplaces, but each one of us cares deeply about satisfying our clients and doing the right thing.

We are lavish yet lean

We splurge on the latest and greatest tech: software, hardware, devices, and education that will help us work better, faster, and cheaper.
Our love of technology means we're often the first to discover and implement innovative solutions that boost productivity and reduce costs.

We're vigilant about minimizing bureaucracy and freeing our people from unnecessary process, and find there is no real substitute for good common sense.

We are here to have fun

We take what we do seriously, but we know that life's too short to take ourselves too seriously. We have fun every day.
Stiffs beware. From terrifically clever to terribly lowbrow, humor is a key part of our culture. But whether our jokes are in good taste or bad, we're always respectful of others.

We're all passionate, but when discussions heat up we use jokes and sarcasm to cut the tension. No grudges allowed.